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Skin Biology, the online ordering arm for Dr. Pickart's products offers an extremely poor level of customer service to its would-be clients. This goes all the way to the rude "Customer Service Manager."

This woman responded to my complaint of having the wrong product item sent to me by asking me to return the product at my own inconvenience (even though I requested return pick-up service). She also said that after they received it, they would need to verify the error before they would send out what I actually ordered.

In addition, I was told that they would only reimburse me for shipping if a proper receipt for my out-of-pocket costs were included. They are the first and only online retailer that I have dealt with (and I order several thousand dollars in merchandise a month) who presented me with such a shoddy response when they were clearly the ones in error. She and this company are just another example of why more and more consumers are buying foreign goods and why companies are choosing to outsource their customer service departments to India and other places.

Let's just say, I definitely won't be buying from these people again. If they're not willing to concede to someone who spent $400 (I'm not bragging, just making a point) at their site, they have no respect for anybody.

Review about: Super Cop 2X.



I have only ordered a few times as I am a recent customer. I found the phone service was always helpful and professional although I suppose it could depend on who answers the phone.

Of course, I am very happy with the products I ordered.

M. E. Latorre


Dr Pickart is a great scientist. His copper peptide produts are excellent products that actually work.

He is an honest person.

It is a family run business, and errors sometimes happen. Dr Pickart once tried to run a business with other commercial partners, but they two timed him and stole his business and his invention from him.

Again, he is a scientist, not a ruthless businessman.

This is why he now runs a smaller operation, and errors sometimes happen in such smaller operations that dont have advanced warehousing etc etc etc.

That said, I agree that the customer service people need to be more professional.

Same thing happened to me a few years back and I was very frustrated by the attitude and unprofessionalism of the customer service people.

Well, I still buy the product from Amazon or other sites, because Dr Pickart's products are excellent.


I always ordered from skin biology,they seem to hold on to their promises.Perfect products scientifically backed up.

fast delivery to the U.A.E (Dubai).I believe the person who wrote this article is only exaggerating.:zzz



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